The Compliment

''Ms. Divine: I must compliment you on your intelligent and refined presentation. I have long been intrigued by consensual blackmail (with some experience, too) but am too often turned off by crude web site personalities.

I want to send you US$200 as a gift in appreciation of your superiority. How shall I send?

You are great''

slave p, NYC



''Madam Divine, many thanks for giving me such an exciting time during O/our blackmail contract but now i feel the time has come for us to say goodbye forever. i decided to have a fling and had no option but to choose You. Truly You have been wonderful and answered my needs in a most outstanding way and for this i am eternally grateful. my savings are almost exhausted but i will send you a final sum to say thanks. Goodbye and thank You!''

slave michael 


Adopt a Bill

''Madam Divine i want to tell You how much i enjoyed the experience of adopting Your hair care bill for six months. i have been increasingly drawn into the idea of Financial Domination and blackmail and the thought of being blackmailed by a powerful Black Woman like You is so tempting, but i am not ready for that yet. Having read Your website and reading about other slaves experience i knew i just had to serve You one way or another and so paying for Your hair treatment was ideal for me. i felt really happy to know i was serving a black Goddess by making sure Her hair was always in tip top shape. You left me in no doubt i was expected to pay promptly and i loved the humiliation of You teasing me about how i was such a wuss, paying to enhance Your beauty when i would never even meet You! It is difficult to find the right words but i thoroughly enjoyed serving You in this way and i feel lucky to have come across such an experienced and skilled Mistress. Thank You Madam Divine. Blackmail next? i am not sure but i sure am tempted!''

slave d 


One - Off Payment

''It was late at night when i came across Your site. i was mesmerised by this drop dead gorgeous Black Woman who said She would accept 'tributes' from men. My initial thought was 'How crazy is that? i kept going back to the site though and before i really knew what i was doing i was at Amazon UK and sending You a £150 Amazon gift voucher! What surprised me is that i enjoyed doing it so much, and i found pressing 'send' really erotic. i am not sure i will do it again, but i have no regrets and to be truthful i regard the payment as great 'value for money' especially when i received Your e-mail thanking me and telling me that further gifts would be most welcome! Well this was just a one off, i think, Madam Divine, but i do keep going back to Your site and looking at Your gorgeous black legs...''.

h, Wales


Confession Time

''As i make this confession, i feel very sad with a huge sense of loss. It isn't there all the time but it never goes away. i thought i wanted to become Madam Divine's slave and i did yearn for it but i didn't make the grade. i was arrogant and inadequate with too much pride to let myself go and trust and obey Her. In the end, She rejected me and a part of me feels immense and overpowering loneliness. She is the most majestic woman i have ever met and, looking back, it is possible that i could have developed the correct attitude to Her, if i had had the time to learn. But i was, i now know, slow to learn Her requirements, demanding, attention seeking and wilful. i found it all too confusing to obey Her and exist in the normal world with all my other obligations. i found that a deep part of me wanted to completely give up my other world and to learn just to live for Her. In my normal life i have to be strong and use my ego but Madam was too clever for me, She saw through me and was one step ahead of me all the time. She knew me better than i knew myself, even if i think that i am an intelligent man. She taught me lessons i will never forget: She is a superior person to me, i was never happier than when She had me at Her feet and i was never prouder than when She once touched me caressingly on the head and told me i was a good slave.

If you are lucky enough to be allowed to be Her slave, treat it as the greatest gift you have ever received. Treat her as a Divine Woman of immense intelligence, power and perception. It is a privilege to be allowed to serve Her. If you fail Her and She casts you out, you may well regret it forever.''