So, slave, you are interested in being blackmailed by Me? Good, now allow Me to seduce you into My world of total ownership and control.

Divine Blackmail is:-

  • Consensual
  • Contractual
  • Expensive
  • Demanding
  • Deadly Serious
  • Amazingly intense
  • For the connoisseur
  • Exciting, erotic with a highly sexual element
  • A roller-coaster ride of thrills and spills

I put My heart and soul into My blackmail scenarios and engage in an intensely personal, and at times intrusive, manner with My blackmail slaves. If you imagine consensual blackmail is simply Me making demands for money, think again. It is more than that, much, much more - My passion is control and ownership and you will be profoundly aware of My presence in your life at all times.

Divine Blackmail is also:-

  • Is difficult and very costly to escape from
  • Can be for any period from 3 months to life
  • Involves you giving Me a lot of personal information
  • Means I will ensure I have incriminating evidence to blackmail you with
  • Comes with the warning I WILL use your information and evidence if I have to
  • Is a very serious commitment and is not for everybody

Now, after reading all the important information above, if you feel you are ready, and only if you are completely serious about going ahead, complete the BLACKMAIL APPLICATION FORM which will put you in personal contact with the Divine One.

Remember, I only expect BLACKMAIL APPLICATION FORMS from those whom are ready to be blackmailed by Me.