I find I am being asked the same questions quite often so I thought it would be helpful to potential slaves, and save some of My Divine time, if I provided a 'Q&A' page.

Do read through the Q&A before contacting Me as it may clarify some of the questions you may otherwise wish to ask.

Q: You engage in blackmail, isn't that illegal?

A: What I do is 100% consensual, and I insist on getting your full written agreement to all the terms of engagement. So what I do is not illegal, no.

Q: i understand You insist on a tribute before beginning the process of seriously discussing blackmail or financial domination. Isn't that a bit of a rip-off?

A: Not at all! You would not believe the number of time-wasters and wankers whom would, given half the chance, soak up all My time. It is absolutely necessary for Me to establish very early on those whom are serious, and asking for an 'up-front' tribute is the only practical way to weed out the jerk-off merchants.

Q: What if i ask You to blackmail me but later something happens so I cannot carry on?

A: My contracts all include a 'get-out' clause, exercisable for a fee, for exactly this type of situation.

Q: i have some rather unusual desires and my thoughts are sometimes a bit extreme. i worry that i may offend You?

A: Fear not! I am totally unshockable and I can guarantee what you regard as weird or extreme will not begin to come close to My definition of those terms!

Q: Being white, i find the idea of serving a Black Dominatrix very powerful, but these days anything that refers to race would seem to be 'off-limits', is that right?

A: I am a powerful Black Woman, and very proud of that fact. If it is part of your fantasy for Me to assert Myself as being racially superior to you, then I will, without any problem or hesitation.

Q: How do i know, once W/we have come to the end of an agreed period of blackmail You won't simply carry on blackmailing me?

A: To Me trust is everything. I give you My word that I will destroy everything at the end of a blackmail contract and I always stick to my word. I have a large number of 'satisfied customers' that testify to that fact.

Q: How do i know You are real - i cannot see Your face in the photographs?

A: Oh I am very real! Before entering a contract W/we will have spoken over the telephone and there will be no doubt in your mind about My reality and sincerity. I also offer real time sessions, so you may actually see, and hear Me, should you so wish! In fact I do prefer to see My blackmail slaves for a session at some point during their contract, but it is not essential.

Q: If i become Your money slave, do i get anything in return for paying You?

A: I am not a mindless, spoiled USA style 'money princess'! But if you want to be humiliated and totally ignored - fine! I do, however, tailor My scenarios to suit each individual. If you enjoy performing tasks, for example, these will be set. There are no hard and fast rules but you can be assured that if you pay Me you will get an appropriate amount of My time and attention (if that is what you want). There is no doubt I give excellent 'value for money'.

Q: Given the consensual nature of what You do, isn't your blackmail a bit 'tame'?

A: Ha! Try it and see! Although consensual I can guarantee you being blackmailed by Me will be the roller coaster ride of your life!

Q: i like the idea of being blackmailed but find it rather frightening, is there anything else that W/we might do?

A: you are right to be scared! Perhaps you should become My money slave for a while or try a short-term blackmail contract of, say, three months. That way you will get a very good taste of what consensual blackmail is about without committing to too much, too soon.