There are those slaves, submissives and potential trainees who like to show Me their thoughtfulness and generosity through giving Me gifts I will both enjoy and find useful. Keep in mind, gift giving has no strings attached; that is, it will buy the slave no favors.

I absolutely love receiving gifts so here is My Amazon Wishlist to give you some ideas but failing that you can simply send Me an Amazon UK eGift card.

The instructions are very easy: Enter the amount and My email address: and within a few minutes, I'll be able to use your voucher to treat Myself to whatever I want or need..!

Money is not an impersonal gift. If you would like to give gifts of money, send Me a polite email to: - I will then give you further instructions.

The following brands also allow you to send eGiftcards directly to My email address: Click on any of the following links to be taken to their direct eGiftcard options.




The White Company