I am including in My testimonials, three from slave antonio.

This slave, whom served Me on and off for a number of years, was one of the most difficult and obstreperous slaves I have ever encountered. he entered several blackmail contracts but as soon as he signed he started with his 'games', making excuses, pretending not to understand instructions, missing deadlines etc.

The only good thing is that he always paid! he is Spanish which explains the broken English. Eventually I decided enough was enough and dismissed him permanently, thoroughly and deeply insulting him in the process. his response, as you will see from testimonial 1 was to praise Me further. A classic case of 'treat em mean to keep em keen'.

Sure enough he came back for more despite My having told him in no uncertain terms I never expect to hear from him again, I know he will come crawling back yet again, begging My forgiveness, perhaps when he reads his own words...

Testimonial 1 (21 September 2012)

This is in response to him being told he was the 'worse slave ever' and that 'I took absolutely no pleasure or enjoyment from having (him) as My slave'.

''i wish You will be fine. Of all my blackmail experiences with different Mistresses in the last 10 years, i remember quite special nostalgia and fear of the many months at different times You were my owner.

You are a superb blackmailer and i will treasure my memory of Your great strictness and far seeing eyes.

i still believe that you are, by far, the best.

Kiss Your feet''

Testimonial 2 (5 November 2014)

Less than a year later he was back, and entering another contract:

''i knew i would be crushed so because i know You are the best, the Number 1, the 'Perfection' in Your work Madam Divine.

Your Psychology is perfect. Your Time Management is (as Your name suggests) 'divine'. Your imagination is diabolical. Your language's effects are brutally effectives, without no doubts, without mercy, absolutely devastating.

Madam Divine, i admit it: i've afraid of You. i fear and admire Your Superiority, i fear and admire Your Professionalism, i fear and admire Your Power, but, over all, i fear and admire Your honesty...

You never lies. You never threatens in vain: if You are obeyed You never punish, if You are not obeyed You always punish. There is nothing to think, nothing to interpret, nothing to say (except 'yes Madam Divine' and/or 'thanks Madam Divine'). Only total obedience and total commitment. Only strict Discipline. What more can expect a slave from his Real Owner?

Therefore i tried to fight, i tried to resist to the last breath, i've been sleeping badly for several days, i tried to get You out of my mind, but all was useless. Every day without news about You was worse than the last one, and at last, i surrender You Madam Divine. It was inevitable, as always...

So now the fight is finished. You win. i lost. No other option would be possible. It is time for each one to 'play' Her/his own role. So, once again, i'm in Your hands.

From now and during the next three months You just command and i just obey. Please, Madam Divine, have mercy on me...

i'm absolutely sure i'll regret just in the next second i sent You this note. But it will be late, to late....''

Testimonial 3 (16 November 2014)

Needless to say he lasted nothing like the 3 months he had signed up for (11 days in fact!), invoked his 'get out' clause, paid up and had this to say after his 'final final dismissal':

''Thank You for Your note and Your advice. i can assure You that i've learned the lesson and now i'm psicologically and economically exhausted and have no intention of contacting any other Mistress for a long long time...

Sadly, i have the absoulte security that this will be the last note i send to You, at least from the world of the sane.''