Blackmail Contract

''Between March and September 2009 my life was not my own, but i was truly enslaved by Madam Divine. i am British, white, 58 years old, and strongly attracted to Dominant Black Women. i am presently working and living in the Middle East.

Madam Divine was professional and business-like. i had to pay an initial tribute and then sign a six-month contract. Madam Divine was open to questions during the initial period and i felt i was being seduced as She slowly spun an intricate, inescapable web around me. i instinctively trusted Madam Divine and felt confident i would come to no real harm, provided I followed Her rules. The contract included a demanding monthly tribute, a rather expensive get-out clause, made it clear that Madam Divine could make further demands for cash or gifts and She would require personal contact information and incriminating evidence. The contract was signed and then the fun began!

Throughout the entire six months i really did feel i was being blackmailed. Madam Divine had a way of establishing and maintaining pressure, at times intense, that made me feel that my life was not my own. Madam Divine's blackmail was a powerful, exquisite, intricate and subtle means of manipulation and control. She has a profound understanding of the dynamics of blackmail and took control of the situation, turning me into no more than Her puppet, Her slave. i knew i could trust Madam Divine not to use the information and photographs She held so long as i did what i was told, but i was also in no doubt whatsoever that if i tried to escape without paying the get-out fee, Madam Divine would have exposed me.

Madam Divine brought great intelligence and energy to the scenario. Her memory was frighteningly flawless and for the whole six months She was intensely 'on my case'. Any attempts to influence or manipulate Madam Divine into doing what i wished were futile as She saw right through my tricks and pounced on them ruthlessly. On more than one occasion i 'crossed the line' in this respect, and that was always met with a sharp reminder and appropriate punishment.

Madam Divine insisted i adopt a daily routine with Her at the centre. i was to text Her every morning and night. Each day i was expected to write a daily report of my feelings and thoughts. i was ordered to build a shrine to Madam Divine, adorned with Her photograph, fresh flowers incense etc and i worshipped three times a day in front of this shrine, reciting a mantra Madam Divine had given me, reminding me i was Her property and She was my Goddess. i was also kept locked in chastity for much of the six months, ensuring i was in a more or less permanent state of sexual frustration. i was also expected to be available to call Madam Divine several times a week. i was given tasks to perform some quite humiliating such as urinating into a glass then drinking it, recorded on a video clip sent to Madam Divine. i also had to learn basic embroidery as Madam Divine ordered that i produce a suitable 'kneeler' for use in front of Her shrine.

At times Madam Divine was terrifyingly strict. She has a really sharp eye for detail and mistakes in e-mails were punished severely either financially or by some physical punishment such as wearing nipple clamps. Worse of all were the several 'dressing down's' Madam Divine found it necessary to administer. Her 'tongue-lashings' were horribly severe and made me feel like a small child almost in tears at times, not only because She could get furiously angry, but also because of the feeling of having let Her down and provoked Her anger. One time i missed calling Her because I fell asleep. Madam Divine's anger and the subsequent punishment was the most severe BDSM experience i have encountered in many years of being a sub. Although quick-tempered, Madam Divine does not bear grudges. If i did something wrong She was furious and punished me severely but then it was over, finished.

Madam Divine is very astute and at times i felt as if She knew me better than i know myself. Rewards for obedience were given and these were delightful. Madam Divine has a great sense of humour, sometimes this was at my expense, but W/we also shared some good laughs too.

Madam Divine was not without mercy and did appreciate the practical realities of life. So long as She knew my plans in advance, She would be reasonable. i always asked permission before doing more or less anything outside of my daily routine. i managed two three-hour sessions with Madam Divine, one at the start and one at the end of the 6 month period. Both were in a superbly equipped dungeon in London (only because i was unable to get to Her fantastic premises in Bristol). These were three hours of bliss being in Her presence but also three challenging hours as Madam Divine was certainly intent on making me experience the lash of Her whip as well as Her tongue.

At the end of the six-months i had very mixed feelings. It had been a wonderful, life-changing experience but the circumstances of my life meant i needed to live more normally. Madam Divine kept Her word about ending the scenario.

i will sign off this report with the name that Madam Divine gave me, that seems so appropriate for the slave of a powerful and confident Black Dominatrix, in fact THE Ultimate Black Dominatrix!''