Dear Madam Divine

As Your slave i am beginning to understand the important role You play in my life. The use of the word MINE in Your New Year message caused me to have an immediate erection which convinced me that i was totally under Your control.

Ever since, Your voice and Your photos are constantly on my mind. i keep looking at my phone and checking my emails praying that You have sent me a Divine message. If i am fortunate enough to receive one, i get an immediate erection and start stroking my cock.

i have a strong urge to be even more under Your control.

i am longing to send You more secret information about myself together with incriminating photos in order to increase Your power over me.

i want You to humiliate me and laugh at my little white cock and poke fun at me because I am now Your bitch!

However my main role in life is to kneel naked before You, to worship You and to make You HAPPY!

slave eric



Hello Madam Divine

i'm so happy You are pleased!

May i say that the lines as punishment was very creative, and i certainly wasn' t expecting that, never heard of such being used in femdom and certainly belittled me, along with the sleep deprivation, don 't know if You intentionally delayed knowing i had to be up for work reasonably early, rather than the late start the day before, which would of allowed me to catch up on sleep , very sadistic in its simplicity.

The shopping task was quite embarrassing made even more so, by the fact condoms are always behind the counter, and having to ask for them made it even worse, luckily there was no queue, so limited to one check out lady, who did seem to raise a little eyebrow.

The wearing of the panties, certainly makes me feel very submissive,, especially the pink ones today, not sure if the belittlement of doing the lines added to this, or was just the fact they are pink,   it's amazing how just a little feminisation , can affect the male so.

i must say though the man in me hit back in the gym after work, was on fire in sparring knocking lumps out of a guy who easily had half a stone on me.

It's always confused me about myself, how i can do stuff like that,  captain sports teams, dominate opposition, then tomorrow at work i'm going to be wearing panties.

As for if i was ever given the honour, to meet for real Madam Divine, i would like/dislike if that makes sense to be treated like a punk who needed to be bought down a peg or to, broken so to speak, to the point of actually begging for mercy or even crying...

In the meantime, thank You for allowing me to be Your money slut!

slave s


Ready To Sign

Dear Madam Divine,

i have read the contract 3 times and wish to sign it as soon as possible.

When i realised that i shall become Your property it suddenly dawned on me how privileged i really am.

To show my appreciation and total adoration of You i have already transferred £300 into your account.

Thank You for accepting such a weak submissive male as Your slave!!!

Yours in total adoration.

slave marcus


Something For Nothing

Dear Madam Divine,

I am so glad that the tribute of £500 was pleasing to You. Thank you for allowing me to serve You in this small way.

I am sure that a lot of slaves do waste Your time, but i would never do that on purpose.

You are a Goddess and it is great honour and privilege to be allowed to give to You. I only wish that i could commit to more.

I hope that You use the tribute to buy something that pleases You and that maybe You will think of me when You use it.

Please let me know if there is any other way that i may be of service to You in the future. Your divine beauty makes me helpless with desire for you. I worship You.

Your helpless servant,

slave dennis